quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

I'm a very bad person!

My life is a really sucks! I don't understand... what I do for this happen to me??
I think that in the last life, like I say a lot of time "I was a serial killer!" and with happen today, I think that this is probably true! I cannot say what happen today, because in this moment, this is like a nightmare for me...
Yes, for many reasons I think and concludes : "I'm a very bad person, like a monster!"
However, I will not give up! I'm strong, very strong!

(Sorry for my mistakes xD)

3 comentários:

  1. Oh my dear!
    We are what we are!

    Don´t think in the past, just look to the future*

  2. I know sis... and I'm happy like I'm! But this post is about yesterday, about what I was stupid...
    Uau, when I think in my future, I feel so happy, because in spite of the past I feel that I can do all things with that I always dreamed..

    (Eu estou a escrever em Inglês porque preciso de praticar e assim pronto xP, apesar de um ou outro erro mas a comparar com o meu anterior desconhecimento de Inglês xD)
    Obrigada pelo teu comentário :) és um querida, saudades <3

  3. You made it very well! Keep on going! Practise english is more or less like living life: we make mistakes...but it is all part of "the way"!

    Yesterday is over. Now you are in the present. And your future really depends on what you did with it (present).

    Smile is everything! I really miss you too...but life is life.

    Best whishes*